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we believe working doesn’t have to be boring
we want you to have fun, as well as we do

joão batista

project manager

The project manager of an ambitious and super creative team, who juggles between tasks to help his co-workers. Also, an expert in unique and cutting edge ideas for projects.

pedro oliveira

3d artist

Human potatoe passionate about 3D animated cinema. Biggest interests include collecting pretty toys, computer games, his super-fat dog and staring off into space.

rita pinto

motion designer

A pro-active person not afraid of embracing new challenges. Strongly driven by the power of illustration in motion and graphic design.

daniel sousa

full stack developer

Started as a junior coder and now he's here, a full stack developer of a fresh and young team. With ambition to keep growing and and with a lot of coffee to help.

inês silva

ui/ux designer

Full-time learner who is passionate about the way design and technology can change the world and human relationships.